More drivers could be caught littering as new artificial intelligence cameras are installed on motorways. 

The AI cameras are part of a trial that will detect littering and issue those caught fines of up to £100. 

Installations are taking place on lay-bys in the coming weeks, with the trial expected to mark a big step in the current process seeing officers look through footage to catch offenders. 

The high-tech AI cameras will scan areas and spot litterers before sending images to control rooms. 

Control rooms will then review images and issue the vehicle's registered driver fixed penalty charges. 

The Bolton News:

Drivers to be caught littering with new AI cameras

The trial will see National Highways and East Hampshire county council join forces to manage the cameras and issue fines. 

Although it has not been confirmed where the cameras will be, they are expected to be around the southeast and areas of Hampshire according to the Telegraph. 

The scheme comes following growing pressure on the National Highways to clean the roads and to stop littering. 

Transport Minister Richard Holden last month shared that 40% of National Highways roads were graded below B for litter. 

Whilst campaign group Clean Up Britain previously shared it would take legal action on the body if litter clean up on motorways does not improve. 

As the founder of Clean Up Britain, John Read said: "The British public need to see what a disgusting, filthy, rancid country they live in. It’s really sad to say that but it’s true.

"And we seem to have lost our pride and respect in Britain. We need desperately to get it back because at the moment the country looks like an open cast tip.

"It really does, it looks like a rubbish bin. We can do so much better than that, but we need to start really understanding it’s a major problem."