The BBC's latest drama series Ten Pound Poms will begin airing soon, and it concerns a British family in the 1950s moving to Australia to start a new life.

Starring Faye Marsay and Warren Brown as Annie and Terry Roberts, the family are promised a better house, better job prospects and a better quality of life in Australia for just ten pounds.

However, adjusting to a new country is not so easy and the show will follow their ups and downs in getting used to a new life.

The show's name comes from a real slang term at the time, 'Poms', which referred to Brits who made their way over to Australia cheaply.

It was filmed on location in and around Sydney and was co-produced by the BBC and Australian broadcaster Stan.

Ten Pound Poms full cast list

  • Faye Marsay as Annie Roberts
  • Warren Brown as Terry Roberts
  • Sarah Furnari as Maria
  • Alastair Bradman as Michael
  • Berynn Schwerdt as Arty Farthingdon
  • Michelle Keegan as Kate Thorne
  • Nic English as Robbie
  • Libby Fleming as Veronica Miller
  • Michael McHugh as Charlie
  • Rowan Davie as Gus Mckenzie
  • Penny Day as Sandra
  • Tara Morice as Ward Sister Mulligan
  • Alex Andreas as Nick

When will Ten Pound Poms be on TV?

The first episode of Ten Pound Poms will air at 9 pm on BBC One on Sunday, May 14.

In total, there will be six episodes with the remaining five airing in the corresponding weeks at the same time.

Additionally, it will be available to watch as a boxset on BBC iPlayer.