Ex Coronation Street star Beverley Callard has revealed why she left the ITV soap after 30 years. 

Callard, 66, played Liz McDonald in the popular drama for three decades but quit the programme in 2019.

The soap actor revealed that she 'hates' the issue-led nature of the storylines on 'Coronation Street' on the 'How to Be 60' podcast.

Speaking to presenters Kaye Adams and Karen McKenzie, Callard explained that she was prompted to leave after she felt the quality of the scripts had declined.

The Bolton News: Beverley Callard appeared on the How to Be 60' podcast. ( Bang Showbiz)Beverley Callard appeared on the How to Be 60' podcast. ( Bang Showbiz) (Image: Bang Showbiz)

Beverley Callard hated issue-led Coronation Street scripts

Callard shared: "I just felt that the scripts weren't what they used to be. I'm trying to be diplomatic. I wasn't miserable, it's difficult to put into words.

"But years ago, we used to get the script and you'd think 'Oh my God, this is amazing, I cannot believe I'm going to be filming this!' but for me it got to, well, they didn't write for me as much because I was older and that really got to me.

"If you're there, you want to be busy. There's nothing worse than being bored. And I would open the script and think 'Well we filmed that three years ago' and it wasn't very exciting.

"The Street was originally very character-driven and story-driven and I think with a lot of television and film now it's very issue-led. And I hate that. The Street was so much better when it was proper kitchen sink drama and about people."

The former 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' star went on to say that she stopped feeling the 'buzz' she had always felt for the job.

She added: "I felt it was time for me to go because it didn't give me the buzz I'd always had. I loved my time there and I've got the dearest friends there.

The Bolton News: Beverley Callard played Liz McDonald in the ITV1 soap opera for 30 years (Dave Thompson/ PA)Beverley Callard played Liz McDonald in the ITV1 soap opera for 30 years (Dave Thompson/ PA) (Image: Dave Thompson/ PA)

"Certainly, at times you spend more time with the people you work with than you do with your family. I had a great life in there but for me it was just time to go.

"I didn't want to have to set my alarm for five o'clock every morning. I am not a morning person! I wanted to have late nights if I wanted to.

"I used to do that in the early days of 'Coronation Street' but that's the thing about being over 60, your hangovers last so much longer!"

"I will never retire but now I have the choice, which is great. The day I handed my notice in I was thinking if I was doing the right thing, but now I know I did do the right thing. Completely liberating and I'm much more relaxed as a person.

"I don't have to get dressed up or put a face full of makeup on to go to the supermarket. I don't care anymore. If I'd taken Liz's clothes, I'd have set fire to them!"