Coronation Street star James Craven is leaving the Manchester-based soap after only being in the role for a year.

James starred in one of the biggest-ever storylines in the show's history when he portrayed Aaron Sandford.

Aaron and Amy Barlow (played by Elle Mulvaney) were at the centre of a topical story around consent with many praising the storyline for shining a light on the sensitive issue.

Aaron was first seen on the programme as a more likeable character before changing gear to show him sexually assaulting a drunk Amy.

Throughout the ITV show, Aaron continued to deny his actions to the public with Amy sadly unable to get justice through the law.

According to reports by the Metro, the actor's final Coronation Street scenes have been filmed as the acclaimed storyline concludes.

It is understood that it will be weeks before these final scenes are aired with sources saying that an exit is expected to follow after the end of the storyline.

James Craven opens up about 'difficult' storyline amid show exit

This comes after James Craven opened up about how difficult it was to film the story, telling reporters: "I think that’s what I struggled with in the beginning, because it was always clear to me that what he’s done is wrong.

"But I had to try and think about everything from [Aaron’s] point of view, and he just doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.

"The reason that he reacts and defends himself in the way that he does is because he truly believes he’s innocent.

"It’s quite a difficult thing when he’s outwardly defending himself and you know that he shouldn’t be defending himself.

"As an actor, you have to try and find a way to rationalise why he does what he does because he’s not an evil character."

However, he added that he was pleased to hear people's reaction to the story with many fans reaching out to him.

He said: "Not only is it opening up conversations about consent, about what is right and wrong, but it is also important to reassure people if they have been through something like this that they shouldn’t be made to feel like it’s okay."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV1 and ITVX from 8 pm.