Bosses at the historic retailer brand WH Smith have said that they plan not to open any more UK High Street stores. 

It comes as they share they will instead focus on UK airports and train stations as well as expanding across US and Europe. 

As WH Smith chief executive Carl Cowling told the BBC: "We've got a very healthy High Street business in the UK. But we've got no ambitions to grow that."

Currently, WH Smith has around 550 high-street stores in the UK with all the main cities in England, Wales and Scotland having shops. 

WH Smith to not open any more UK High Street stores

In 2018 and 2019, WH Smith was ranked among the worst high-street retailers by Which?

The Bolton News: WH Smith shared it will focus on airports. WH Smith shared it will focus on airports. (Image: PA)

The shop even received a spoof Twitter account whose sole purpose was to mock the carpets in-store, according to the BBC.

Although WH Smith does not plan to open more high street stores, they have shared that they will continue to invest in them. 

In the last few decades, the brand has moved into airports, train stations, motorway services and even moving across the pond to US casino resorts. 

WH Smith saw their biggest growth in the US market with 12% coming from the retail market in American airports, according to the BBC World Service Marketplace Morning Report.

As Cowling shared that they plan to spend £120 million over the next year to open shops in the US and across Europe. 

Sharing: "We've got a pipeline of 60 stores to open and we're constantly winning tenders in airports."