Danny Dyer is set to star in a new drama series from Channel 5 called Heat, in what will be his first role since leaving EastEnders at the end of 2022.

The story concerns Steve Cameron (Dyer), who is an English expatriate living in Australia with his family.

They are all about to embark on their annual holiday at his longtime friend Brad's (Darren McMullen) home.

On the Radio Times it says: "Although the pair have known each other's families for decades, this holiday is different as secrets and lies are revealed, with the threat of bushfires looming in the distance."

Speaking about the role to the Radio Times, Dyer said he thought it was "clever" what the writers had put together.

He added: They’ve set Steve up to be a bit rubbish… He goes to his best friend’s house who’s got this amazing, beautiful property and a beautiful wife, really got his s**t together."

Dyer continued: "Steve does love his mate but [Brad]’s sort of branded as the better version of Steve. As an audience, you’re watching this unfold and towards the end, there’s a real role reversal.

"I think, hopefully, you’re rooting for Steve and you’re rooting for his marriage and everything. There’s an awkwardness there but there’s little glimpses of the love between these two people."

Channel 5 Heat full cast

  • Danny Dyer as Steve Cameron
  • Darren McMullen as Brad Fisher
  • Pia Miranda as Sarah Cameron
  • Matia Marks as Mia Cameron
  • Matteo Annetta as Tom Cameron
  • Jane Allsop as Louise Fisher
  • Hunter Hayden as Kip Fisher
  • Olympia Valance as Sergeant Angelos
  • Richie Morris as Jet Calloway

When will Heat air on Channel 5?

The programme will air on Channel 5 across four consecutive nights from Tuesday, July 11 to Friday, July 14.

All episodes will air at 9 pm, but can also be available to watch on My5.