Curious to see if you have a 'sixth sense'? This optical illusion on TikTok can apparently tell you if you do.

The home of viral internet trends, TikTok, plays host to delicious recipes, packing hacks, dance routines and fun personality quizzes.

Since the app took the world by storm, users have tried next to everything from the Human Feeling Quiz to TikTok Wrapped 2023 to learn more about themselves.

Now users can find out if they have a natural intuition after a content creator shared a fun optical illusion on the platform. 

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Do you have a sixth sense? This optical illusion on TikTok will tell you

TikToker @mia_yilin shared the illusion with her 452.4K followers where she asked whether they saw a man or a penguin in the image first.

For those that saw the penguin first, Mia explained that you are an "independent spirit who craves freedom and autonomy".

She added:" You thrive when you have the space to pursue your own interests and goals."

Mia goes on to detail in the TikTok clip, which has accumulated over 73k views at the time of writing, that those who saw the penguin sometimes came across as a bit 'aloof' or 'distant'.

However, Mia explains that this is because you prioritise your alone time.

The creator continues explaining the personality test by turning her attention to the people that saw the man first.

If you saw the man first that means that you have a 'sixth sense' when it comes to people.

Mia continued: "Your intuition is off the charts and you can easily sense other people's emotions and intentions."

Those who see the man first also tend to doubt themselves and seek validation from others, according to the creator.

This leads them to second-guess their own instincts.

TikTokers have been sharing their own results in the content creator's comments.

One person shared: "I saw penguins woooow it soo cool."

A second added: "Help I’m still looking for the man."

While a third chimed in, saying: "you know me better than most of my friends."