Good Morning Britain (GMB) presenter Charlotte Hawkins has spoken about the horror of witnessing her friend’s little girl being attacked by a dog and says the experience “shook me deeply”.

The 48-year-old was walking past a fence with the eight-year-old when a dog broke through and the child.

At the time, Charlotte who has been presenting GMB since 2014, was carrying her own baby daughter in a sling and “couldn’t step in to help”.

The little girl recovered from the incident after receiving medical treatment.

Charlotte exclusively told The Mirror: “The experience shook me deeply. It’s a problem we must tackle.

“Seeing my friend’s daughter being attacked by a big dog was shocking and scary. It showed me how quickly something like that can happen.

"The two big dogs were barking aggressively. I was saying, ‘Don’t worry, they won’t be able to get out’. But one of the dogs did get out.

“I felt particularly vulnerable because I had my baby in a child carrier, so I was holding her and I knew I couldn’t step in and help.

“My friend’s daughter was knocked to the ground and it was so scary. It’s definitely made me more alert to the potential dangers.”

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ITV Tonight special Dangerous Dogs: What’s The Truth? to air – what is it about?

Charlotte is now taking part in an ITV investigation that looks into the rising problem of dog attacks.

She will be hosting the ITV Tonight special Dangerous Dogs: What’s The Truth? as she reports on what is being done to tackle the concerning issue.

The full synopsis on Radio Times says: “The UK is a nation of pet lovers with around 13 million canines now estimated to live in UK homes, often as treasured members of the family.

“But dog attacks are on the rise, and last year saw a record 10 fatalities from dog-related injuries in England and Wales.

“Charlotte Hawkins reports on what is being done to tackle the problem.”

Earlier this month Royal Mail said incidents of dog attacks on postal workers had surged to nearly 2,000 reported incidents in 2022.

There were 1,916 dog attacks on postal workers logged during the year to March 31, 2023, Royal Mail said.

Dangerous Dogs: What’s The Truth? airs on ITV on Thursday (August 10) at 8.30pm.