Budget airline Ryanair has been slammed for charging an elderly couple over £100 to simply print off their boarding passes.

For once, Ryanair didn't have one of their typical tongue-in-cheek responses after the accusation went viral on X (formerly Twitter).

The daughter who put out the post, whose parents are in their 70s and 80s, said they had to fork out over £110.

She added that her parents had accidentally downloaded the return boarding card instead of the outgoing pass, meaning that they required assistance in order to jet off on their break.

The pair had already checked in and had paid an extra fee to allow them to sit together as the father is disabled. Instead of fixing the ‘honest’ mistake, they were charged £110.

'Shame on you'

Taking to Twitter, under the username @old_school_alps, the infuriated daughter said: “Hey @Ryanair, my parents who are in their 70s and 80s, had accidentally downloaded the return flight boarding card instead of the outgoing ones and you charged them £110 to print them at the airport. £110 for 2 pieces of paper which took 1 minute. Shame on you.”

The tweet from the daughter caused uproar amongst users in the comments, who all took offence at the airline and shared similar experiences.

One person said: “We had a similar issue and they charged us £60 to get back home... never again.”

Patsy Brennan said: "Another time, we couldn’t find our printed boarding passes when we got to the airport, and though they agreed that they had all our details that we were booked to get on the flight, they charged us about £180 to issue new boarding passes.

"There was nearly a divorce when we found the passes in my OH’s inside pocket. Luckily, when we got back we found out we’d won the sweepstake in our village pub and netted more than the cost of the passes!"

Another person, JMX, commented: "That’s Ryanair for you. Remember, this is the airline that wanted to charge you for using the toilet on a flight. If they can get money from you they will."

"Ryanair is usually good for taking the mick but when the shoes on the other foot they’re quiet", added another user.