Results day can be a nerve-wracking time for students and knowing how it works, might help kerb some of the stress.

To help you out, Northumbria University surveyed current A-Level and university students who applied through clearing to find out the most commonly believed myths and misconceptions to help provide clarity for students on results day.

Here are five facts that students might not know about ahead of results day 2023.

5 facts about clearing that you might not know

Of the students surveyed, 83% didn’t know that clearing opens in July rather than on results day while 78% were unaware that parents or teachers can’t call universities on a student’s behalf during the clearing process.

Students can’t apply through clearing while they are still holding other offers but 76% of those surveyed didn’t know this.

Clearing doesn’t have to be stressful or rushed if you take the time to research but 29% of those surveyed didn’t know this while 27% were unaware that clearing isn’t a last resort but it helps students who want to change their course or university and those who missed the UCAS deadline.

You can see the full research via the Northumbria University website.

Helen Bower, Assistant Director (Student Recruitment) at Northumbria University shares top tips for going through University Clearing: “We know the Clearing process can be overwhelming and stressful for students, but it’s important to keep calm.

“Take the time to familiarise yourself with the Clearing process well before results day, and create a list of potential universities and courses you’re interested in so you can make an informed decision when the time comes.

“With a significant number of A-level students worried about not achieving the grades they need, it’s especially important to remember that going through Clearing does not mean you’ve failed.

“It’s simply an opportunity to explore new options and discover a path that suits you.”