Fans of crime and drama shows have a new programme to binge soon as the BBC’s latest detective series, The Woman in the Wall starts this week.

The show follows Lorna Brady, played by Ruth Wilson, who wakes from sleepwalking to discover a corpse in her house.

With no idea who the deceased woman is or if she’s responsible for her apparent murder, Lorna begins retracing her steps.

But as she starts solving the mystery, Lorna realises that the mysterious woman may be linked to her past town, Magdalene Laundry.

Elsewhere, in Dublin, Detective Colman Akande, played by Daryl McCormack is tasked to solve the murder of a local priest, which leads him to Lorna.

The Woman in the Wall features big names in Wilson and McCormack, with viewers likely to recognise Wilson from her roles in Luther, His Dark Materials, The Lone Ranger and many more.

Meanwhile, McCormack has featured in hit shows, Bad Sisters, Peaky Blinders and films Pixie and Good luck to you, Leo Grande.

The Woman in the Wall full cast list

  • Lorna: Ruth Wilson
  • Colman: Daryl McCormack
  • Massey: Simon Delaney
  • Niamh: Philippa Dunne
  • Michael: Mark Huberman
  • Amy: Hilda Fay

How to watch The Woman in the Wall

Viewers can watch The Woman in the Wall on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from Sunday, August 27 at 9.05pm.

The show will have a total of six episodes, each being shown on Sunday and Monday nights over the span of three weeks at the same time.