Top Gear is expected to stay off air until the independent investigation into Freddie Flintoff's crash is completed. 

It comes as officials continue the health and safety inquiry into the hit BBC show. 

The crash involving Flintoff took place in December at Dunsfold Park, seeing the presenter left with broken ribs and facial injuries. 

Now there are reports that Flintoff is stepping back from the show, according to The I News. 

Top Gear to stay off air as Freddie Flintoff crash investigation continues

Flintoff was said to have crashed in an open-topped three-wheel Morgan Super 3 car which flipped and slid along the track whilst he was driving at a high speed. 

A formal BBC Studios investigation found that there was no evidence of serious failings by Health and Safety Executives.

But, a review by an independent third party is taking place to look across Top Gear production for the BBC Studios.

However, production on the BBC show is not set to continue until the BBC sees results and takes any recommendations into practice.

This comes after the show's editorial director, Clare Pizey, announced her departure, raising uncertainty about the popular series.

There are concerns that more members of the creative team could follow suit if the production hiatus continues.

Insiders reveal that there is a team in Bristol waiting to resume work, but they may seek employment elsewhere if the show doesn't go on.

Additionally, a "core team" is currently engaged in behind-the-scenes preparations for a potential resumption of production, some of whom have been assigned to other projects.

When the show eventually resumes, it is expected to place less emphasis on "daredevil stunts" and prioritize environmentally sustainable shooting locations within the British Isles.