Peter Kay has revealed “one of the biggest honours” of his career in his new book titled T.V. Big Adventures on the Small Screen.

The North West comedian has collected his childhood memories as well as documenting his impressive journey from Phoenix Nights to Car Share.

But one memory he is particularly fond of includes appearing on the last episode of Michael Parkinson’s chat show before he retired in 2007.

The legendary journalist passed away at the age of 88 in August this year, but Kay started out as the warm-up act on his show in the 90s.

According to The Sun, an extract from Kay’s book says: “Without a doubt, the greatest British talk show host was the late Sir Michael Parkinson. He was in a class of his own.

“His journalistic training gave his interviews a great foundation and he was always well-researched when it came to his guests. He also knew how to listen and, more importantly, when to interject.”

Kay adds: “I was fortunate to get the job of warm-up in the studio each week.

“It was a great honour to sit on the front row and listen to these interviews first-hand. I also got to know Michael and his wife Mary.

“One of the biggest honours of my career was being asked as a guest on the final episode of Parkinson just before he retired.”


The 50-year-old said he “immediately said yes” but “panicked when they told me who the line-up was going to be.”

In the book, he went on to say: “David Beckham, Sir Michael Caine, Sir David Attenborough and Sir Billy Connolly. How could I be on with Billy Connolly?

“It’s Billy Connolly – he’s one of the best comedians there’s ever been.”

Peter Kay performed lollipop lady skit on Michael Parkinson's last show

Kay recalled how he planned his comical performance on Parkinson’s farewell show.

He explained: “As it was Parkinson’s last show, maybe I could bring some things with me to celebrate. Like on the last day of school, to have a party.

“I packed a big holdall with a selection of things and headed off to the show. I never told the producers what I intended to do. It would only have caused aggro.”

When it came to revealing the big moment on stage, Kay said: “I then told Parky that, now he was retiring, I didn’t want him going stiff, so I’d got him a job.

“Out of my holdall I pulled a big luminous yellow coat and a hat, basically a lollipop lady’s outfit. I handed him a collapsible lollipop stick and said, “It’s 20 minutes outside a primary school – morning and evening”.

“Then Parky and I acted out a little scene in front of the other guests where I pretended I was crossing a road while he pretended to hold back traffic.

“The audience seemed to love it and the whole idea came off much better than I ever imagined it would.”

Peter Kay’s new book T.V. Big Adventures on the Small Screen is out September 28.