Have you ever wondered whether you're a cowboy, a fairy, an angel or a knight? Nope, us neither but now we can't stop thinking about the CFAK personality test

The trending test poses two simple questions that will determine your fate and help you "discover your true persona and archetype," according to the website.

The personality test is designed to put you in one of the four categories based on your first reaction to specific situations.

The creator of the CFAK quiz is psychology enthusiast, Felecia For The Win on TikTok, also known as Felecia Freely.

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Felecia developed the test based on general knowledge about human reactions, according to Quiz Expo.

Before you take the test, be aware that the quiz creator says the test falls under the category of pseudo-psychology and therefore, you should approach it with a degree of caution.

“There are only four personality types,” content creator Felecia Freely, 31, known digitally as @FeleciaForTheWin, claimed in a video for her audience of 623,800 TikTok followers.

“You’re either a cowboy, fairy, angel or knight.

 “And it only takes two questions to figure out which one you are.”

Felicia explains the concept behind the initial reaction personality test in more detail on her website, writing: "An initial reaction refers to the immediate response or first impression that a person has when encountering a situation, stimulus, or information for the first time.

"It's often an instinctive or reflexive response that occurs before more deliberate thinking or analysis takes place. Initial reactions can be influenced by emotions, prior experiences, and individual perceptions, and they may not always align with a person's more considered or rational response after further reflection.

"Because of this, our initial reactions to situations can also reveal our true nature, or in other words, our personality. Personality describes the unique patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that distinguish a person from others.

"It's a product of both biology and the environment, remaining fairly consistent throughout life".

How to take the Cowboy Angel Fairy Knight quiz

If you're desperate to find out which category you fall into (I'm a Angel in case you were curious), all you need to do is visit Feclicty's substack to take the original quiz.

The test doesn't give you auto-generated answers, you instead need to work out which category you fall in based on the table below.

TikTokers and fans of the personality test have been flooding the creator's comments after taking the quiz themselves.

One joked: "I need an option for “depends what it is” on the first question."

Another teased: "Cowboy Sun, Angel Moon, Knight Rising."

A third person commented: "I’m a knight - oldest daughter and a nurse…makes sense."

While a fourth chimed in:" Knight… yep I will FIGHT for honor."

With another user writing: "I'm a Fairy and my partner is a Knight and both descriptions are 100% accurate! Could not be more spot-on."

What does the cowboy angel fairy knight personality test mean?

Now that you know which category you fall into, what does each represent?


If you answered No and then yes, you're a cowboy.

Felicia says that cowboys are "confident" and "fearless", adding that "they are willing to take risks" and "they are willing to fail".

The creator added:" Cowboys create the world around us.

"They are discoverers. Entrepreneurs, bound to be cowboys. Creators, artists, writers, hackers.

"Cowboys are people who love being on the edge, whether that be on the edge of emerging tech, or being trendsetters.

"Cowboys aren’t afraid of the unknown, they welcome it. They’re not afraid to put themselves or their opinions and perspectives out there.


People who answered Yes and then No are Angels.

Felicia describes the Angel personality type as "a light in this world".

She continued: "If you’re an angel, get in the comments and let me know if you have had multiple experiences of people trying to protect you, almost as if people intuitively try to keep you safe".

"And at the same time in other ways you are probably the person letting people know that they are safe to be themselves, to express themselves.

"Strangers probably open up to you like a book and they don’t know why. But its because you have a very pure feeling energy that makes people feel lighter".

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If you answered No to both questions, you are a fairy.

This is the rarest of the personality types, according to Felicia.

Continuing her explanation, she says: "If you have a fairy in your life, know that this person is magical, and once you understand that, you'll understand them better."

Felicia also claimed that many neurodivergent people tend to be Fairies since Fairies think differently.

The creator continued: "Fairies don't have a harmful bone in the body but they still end up unfortunately making people uncomfortable.

"This is because fairies don't like to follow rules and other people struggle to understand that."


Knights answered Yes and Yes to the personality test questions. 

"Knights keep the world from falling apart," Felicia shared.

The creator described them as "builders and protectors", adding that they’re also "engineers, veterans, scientists " and work in "construction".

Felicia went on to say that Knights "construct and build the world as we know it."

She concluded: "Knights care about things like honor, courage, duty, loyalty, and they’re the type of people to strive to be a better person today than they were yesterday, but knights are ride or dies.

"They may be good people but you should know that if push comes to shove, a knight is a never going to be a push over.

"Do not let their charm fool you, they are ready to fight for what they believe in."

Are you a Cowboy, Angel, Fairy or Knight? Let us know in the comments.