Tyson and Paris Fury have revealed the name of their new baby boy and the heartbreaking reason behind it. 

The Furys welcomed their seventh child on September 18, 2023 - a baby boy weighing 6lb 13oz.

Tyson, 35, and Paris, 33, already have six children - three sons and three daughters:

  • Prince John James (11)
  • Prince Tyson II (7)
  • Prince Adonis Amaziah (4)
  • Venezuala Lynda (14)
  • Valencia Amber (5)
  • Athena Amour (2)

The family recently featured in a Netflix documentary - At Home with the Furys.

Tyson Fury and wife Paris reveal the name of their seventh child

Paris Fury revealed yesterday to OK! Magazine that the name of their seventh child was Prince Rico Paris Fury.

All four of the couple’s sons share the same first name, with Tyson previously revealing: “I’m a king and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.”

The newborn's middle name, Rico, is a tribute to Tyson’s late cousin Rico Burton, who was tragically murdered in 2022.

Paris, speaking to OK? Magazine said: "All of my kids have got unusual names and obviously it’s also really personal to Tyson.

“We also added my name because I’ve had seven kids and I still haven’t had one named after me, so I thought ‘Come on, it’s about time!’"

Paris also gave fans an update on little baby Prince Rico saying he "looks so much like his brothers". 

She added: "He’s dark and he’s got lots of hair. I’m biased but he’s good looking! He’s really long, like his dad.

"All the Furys have long arms and long legs! They’ve all been really strong early on and they can pull their heads up! He’s perfect. I’m all gooed up with him at the minute."