Coronation Street star Lisa George will be absent from key episodes this week after contracting Covid-19.

The actress, who is known for playing Beth Tinker on the popular ITV programme, revealed the news in a recent interview.

She told fans that there was a "sudden rush of Covid" within the cast and crew of the show, forcing some scenes to be cut.

Corrie star Lisa George 'gutted' after being cut from important episodes

In her interview with the Mirror, she said: "I got Covid, so I got cut from the scenes. I was gutted as I really liked the scenes as well, it was super soap week and there was a sudden rush of Covid and we were dropping like flies, and unfortunately, I got it as well."

She also revealed that she knows nothing about the Corrie rewrites for the show, saying she would know the changes as they air on the telly.

Lisa George addresses rumours she's leaving ITV soap opera

Lisa George also addressed rumours that she would be leaving the ITV show, revealing she recently had her contract renewed.

She previously said there are many shows she would love to star in, fueling speculation that she was leaving Coronation Street and looking to 'new pastures'.

She said: "It’s really weird, everyone was saying you’re leaving, you’re leaving. I was asked about my contract and I said I was waiting, and so they asked what I’d like to do if I didn’t get one and I said Call The Midwife. That’s all I said, it was a passing comment then the next thing, everyone is ringing me like, “you’re leaving, you’re leaving”.

"It’s just weird I don’t even know how it happened from the passing comment!"