A flight was surrounded by police and fire crews at Manchester Airport this evening.

The airport has confirmed that a flight from Dubai landed after 7pm tonight (October 17), the Mirror reports.

Manchester Airport confirmed that the flight in question was Emirates flight EK19 and it said that Greater Manchester police are dealing with this incident, the newspaper reports.

'Lots of activity' on Manchester Airport runway

A woman who was waiting to board a flight at Manchester Airport posted a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, showing emergency vehicles with blue lights on rushing to the runway.

The caption of the social media post reads: "Doesn’t look like we are taking off anytime soon at Manchester Airport. Lots of activity on the runway."

In the video, someone can be heard explaining what they believe is happening, saying a "controlled explosion" is taking place.

The passengers also label the incident as a "bomb threat" in the video.

Incident at Manchester Airport has been 'stood down'

Manchester Airport has since explained to Newsquest that the incident has been 'stood down'.

Following a threat over social media, the airport as well as Greater Manchester Police and Emirates 'followed due process'.

There was "no physical evidence of anything to cause concern", Manchester Airport added.

All passengers on the flight have been disembarked.