Gogglebox is a Friday night staple for many but one family on the show has shared some sad news about their pet dog Dave.

The Malone family from Manchester regularly feature on the show as they discuss the week’s TV programmes while watching them and they’re usually accompanied by their furry friends.

But this week, the Malones shared that Dave, one of their Rottweilers, has passed away.

With a video of Dave, the family posted a touching tribute to Instagram, saying: “RIP Dave xxx There are no words to describe you ,or how much you meant to us.This was you on Sunday waiting for your Dad to come back and he had only gone out to the car x
“We are all going to miss you so much”

Dave often appeared on Gogglebox, joining the family on the sofa, so here are some of Dave’s best bits from the show.

Dave’s best bits on Gogglebox

Dave has made viewers laugh more than once, here’s a compilation of some of his best moments on Gogglebox.

This video contains offensive language.

Dave plays hide and seek

Dave was once lying down on the sofa with the Malones and appeared to be playing hide and seek.

The family joked that if Dave had his eyes closed and couldn’t see the family, he thought they couldn’t see him.

So, as Tom Malone started to say “Where’s David? Where is he?” Dave jumped up from the sofa as if to say ‘here I am’.

Dave jumps on Tom as the family practices whistling

While watching a programme, the family try to whistle and as Tom stuck his fingers in his mouth to try to whistle, Dave and the family’s other dogs charged towards Tom with Dave landing on him and making a fuss.

Dave helps himself to the bowl of cakes

Often the family will have a bowl of snacks near the sofa for when they’re watching TV and Dave decided that while they were out of the room, he’d try his luck at sneaking some cakes and he succeeded.

Dave and the bubble machine

The family gave Dave 30 seconds to try to pop as many bubbles as he could from the machine.

He excitedly leapt towards the bubbles, catching a total of nine in the time frame.

Dave leaps towards the TV

While watching a programme, Dave charged towards the TV to have a bark at the programme and in doing so, he knocked into the footstool.

Dave watches snake on TV

In another clip, Dave can be seen watching a snake moving through some grass on the TV.

He decides to follow it with his eyes and Tom Malone jokes that he needs to go “round the telly” as the snake moves on.

Dave knocks over a drink

In his excitement, Dave managed to knock over a drink and Julie Malone suggested using her son’s t-shirt to clean it up.

Her son says she can’t use that because he’ll be wearing it later.

Dave helps Tom work out

Tom holds one end of Dave’s toy while Dave has the other end in his mouth as Tom starts slightly tugging.

Dave’s head moves up and down as if he’s completing reps in a workout.

What are your favourite memories of Dave? Let us know in the comments.

Gogglebox continues on Friday on Channel 4 at 9pm.