Radiators aren’t the prettiest thing to look at when we’re sitting gazing around the rooms in our homes, but in all honesty, we can’t live without them.

During the winter months, the big frames of metal become our best friends to keep us warm and to dry our clothes, not to mention they keep dampness and mould at bay.

But have you ever wondered why they are often placed under windows?

Believe it or not, there’s an interesting historical reason as to why they tend to be installed there.

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Why are radiators placed under windows?

“In the past, radiators have often been located under the window in a room because this is the coldest area in the room," writes Mr Central Heating.

“Historically, older windows would be single-glazed, and this type of window used to let a lot of cold air into the room.

“This is one of the reasons the radiator was placed in this location as it would then help counteract the cold air and draft.”

The heating experts add: “In a room with single glazing, the reason it is more efficient to place the radiator under the window is due to conduction.

Is it cheaper to keep the heating on low all day?

“On a traditional radiator, most of the heat that comes from the radiator is emitted as hot air through the top of the radiator.

“This interacts with the cold air from the window, and this cold air then helps push the hot air from the radiator into the room.

“This in turn keeps the room warmer than it would be if the radiator was in a different location.

“In a house with single-glazed windows installed, this is still the best place to locate a radiator since single-glazing isn’t very efficient.”

The Bolton News: Have you moved your radiator from under the window?Have you moved your radiator from under the window? (Image: Getty)

However, more modern homes that have recently been built tend to have double-glazed or sometimes even triple-glazed windows.

Mr Central Heating continues to say: “Since these windows tend not to leak as much heat and introduce less cold air into the home then there is more flexibility in the placement of the radiator in the room.

“However, even though with modern glazing helping the placement of a radiator become more flexible, many people still opt to put a radiator under the window simply because it is a space within the house where furniture is not often placed, so it makes a great spot for the radiator.”