As we head into winter, many of us have already seen the first snowfall of the season with temperatures struggling to get above freezing.

But although blankets of the white fluffy stuff can look magical, it can become hazardous underfoot and on the roads when it turns into ice.

When travelling in your car this winter, it’s important to be prepared in case a weather emergency happens such as heavy and fast snowfall or flooding.

There is a variety of essential items you should keep in your car as a ‘winter kit’ such as warm clothes and blankets, food and drink and phone chargers.

5 ways to save money on your weekly food shop

But did you know there is one common item you can find in your fridge that is a cheap and effective hack to staying safe this winter? Callum Butler at ALA Insurance reveals all.

This is the 80p vegetable that could help demist your windscreen

It may come as a shock to some but the humble cucumber could be the solution to your demisting woes.

According to Callum, this well-known cleaning hack is a natural deterrent for moisture on your windscreen and can cost as little as 80p.

Currently at Tesco, a ‘whole cucumber’ costs 80p and is an Aldi price match.

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“Cucumber contains natural oils which create a hydrophobic surface when rubbed on glass or mirrors,” Callum explains.

“The water-repellent properties of cucumber help to stop your windshield from condensing and forming a fog.

“Essentially, it’s like giving your windshield a protective film that discourages condensation during the colder months.”

How to demist and prevent fog in your car

  1. Use your car’s defrost setting and direct the air towards the windshield.

  2. While hot air will help to dry the glass a little it, soon cools and will condense again. Turn on your air conditioning to remove moisture from the air quickly.
  3. Avoid recirculating the air as this can increase humidity. You may also want to crack a window slightly to bring the humidity down.
  4. A clean windshield is more likely to repel fogging. While using cloths to wipe foggy glass can create streak marks, try opting for a microfibre cloth on dry windows to keep them clear.
  5. Finally, get creative with this silly but effective hack by chopping off the end off a cucumber and wiping over a light layer to reduce fog for future cold mornings.

The advice comes as one of the most time-consuming parts of a morning commute is demisting a car during cold, wet weather.

In fact, #foggywindshield has over 1.4 million views on TikTok as drivers look for simple solutions to remove moisture from their vehicles and avoid pesky streaks on the window.