Have you ever wondered what food you get in a Too Good To Go bag and whether it’s worth the money?

I bought a Greggs mystery bag to see what I got and if it was worth it.

The idea is to buy a mystery bag of items to help save food from a range of shops and restaurants going to waste.

You can search for mystery bags that are available to collect in your local area so that’s exactly what I did – here’s how it went.

What I got in a Greggs Too Good To Go bag

I’ve collected a few Too Good To Go bags previously including everything from Costa Coffee to a box full of Chinese food at my local all-you-can-eat buffet (I got to fill it with whatever I wanted!). 

I’ve also tried a Greggs one before but that was in February last year so I figured why not try it again and see if they’re worth buying.

In this week’s Too Good To Go bag from the bakery chain, I got a custard doughnut, a box of four apple and raspberry jam doughnuts and a cheese and salad cob (or roll or whatever else you might call it).

The bag cost £3.15 which I think is a very decent bargain for all that food but while I enjoyed getting a few sweet treats, anyone who isn’t keen on doughnuts would’ve been quite disappointed with that haul, I imagine.

The doughnuts I got were shared out, much to the delight of my family.

The app had crossed £8.85 out above the £3.15 price but I'm not sure if this is what the bag should've cost or what the items inside would've come to had I bought them individually at a Greggs store but I think it was a good deal anyway.

It really does depend on what your store is getting rid of though because previously I’ve been given more items and a bigger variety of food at Greggs so it’s the luck of the draw.

I’d recommend trying a Too Good To Go mystery bag to see what you get - it could make for a cheap lunch or dinner option, depending on where you go and what’s inside the bag.

Are Too Good To Go bags worth buying?

For me, Too Good To Go bags are a great idea because I’m not fussy with food and could almost guarantee there’d be something in a bag that I’d like.

The Bolton News: Greggs mystery bags are a good way to try something newGreggs mystery bags are a good way to try something new (Image: Newsquest)

Aside from receiving some delicious food for a cheaper price, the fact you’re helping the planet and saving money is a win win.

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The app is simple and checking local stores for mystery bags couldn’t be easier.

To buy a bag, you need to click reserve and pay for it. Then when you go to collect your bag, the employee watches as you swipe the screen and then you receive your order.

One downside is that you might have to collect a mystery bag late in the day when a store or restaurant is about to close but each bag has its collection time stated so you can choose one that suits you best, for example, on the way home from work.

Overall, I like the element of surprise with these bags because you never really know what you’re going to get which makes it fun. You might also get to try something new.