Keeping your heating bills down over winter might feel like an impossible task but an expert has shared 12 ways you can do just that. 

From keeping your curtains closed to being smart with your heating, there are plenty of creative heating hacks you can use to help keep the costs down.

A new winter energy saving guide has been created which has the potential to save you hundreds of pounds on your heating bills. 

The guide has been issued by energy experts Geo Green Power who have explained that "there isn’t a one-size-fits-all means of bringing your heating costs down".

The company added: "What you can do is take lots of different approaches and make some lifestyle changes that can help cut your heating bills in lots of smaller ways".

Geo Green Power has divided these tips into three key areas including keeping the heat in, being smart with your heating, preparing for the winter, and looking at whether you can receive support from the government.

How do I reduce my heating bill?

Keep the heat in

1.    Invest in better/new insulation, whether it’s loft insulation, cavity wall insulation or double glazing, all homes can benefit from these simple changes

2.   Keep your doors closed and close your curtains when it gets dark - you can also line your curtains for improved insulation

3.   Limit draughts and cold air circulating by having draught excluders at doors

Be smart with your heating

4.   Only heat the rooms you will use – so turn radiators off or individual thermostats down in these spaces and close the doors

5.   Only put the heating on when you need it - don’t leave it on low all day as this isn't effective and is a heating myth!

6.   Use smart/programmable thermostats that can allow you to control when your heating comes on and off

7.   Place your thermostat in the room you’ll use the most and lower the temperature by a degree or two

Prepare for the winter

8.   Get your boiler serviced, to check it’s working as well as it should

9.   Reduce the flow rate of your combi boiler as it can make it more efficient - get a professional/expert to help with this if you’re unsure

10.  Bleed your radiators to remove any air pockets and make them more effective and efficient, before turning them down slightly

11.  Reduce the water temperature in your boiler - again, get a professional to advise on this if you’re not sure what to do

Look into government support schemes

12. Investigate the government-led schemes in place to help with winter heating bills. These are subject to a series of different criteria (e.g. your age and if you’re living in a low-income household), these include:

●      The ‘Winter Fuel Payment’ - those born before 25 September 1957 could get between £250 and £600, specifically to help you pay your bills

●      The ‘Warm Home Discount Scheme’ - if you meet the requirements, you should automatically get £150 off your electricity bill for winter 2023 to 2024

●      The ‘Cold Weather Payment’ - again, subject to certain criteria you could get £25 toward your heating bill for each 7-day period of very cold weather between November 1 2023 and  March 31 2024

 James Cunningham, the Managing Director commented: “Our gas bills can be a difficult expense for many UK homes and businesses, particularly during the colder, darker winter months where our usage increases.

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“What’s more, with the high energy price cap, our heating bills in particular can become a significant cost for many households to manage - so we wanted to show that there are things you can do to make this a bit more manageable.

“Naturally, how much gas you use for your heating also depends on the size of your property, how well insulated it is and the output, age, and efficiency of your boiler.

"But, ultimately the steps we’ve put together can help bring your costs on these key utilities down - some of which can even benefit you significantly in the long run after winter releases us from its icy grip.”