Cadbury chocolate fans could be in with a chance of bagging £1,000 by simply sharing a photo of yourself with the chocolate.

To celebrate its 200th anniversary, Cadbury is running a big advertising campaign using the public's throwback snaps with its chocolate. And the company want you to get involved.

They said: "Have you received a Cadbury Milk Tray for Valentine’s Day? Did you ever have Cadbury Eclairs at your nan’s house? Or have you ever just enjoyed a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk in front of the telly?

"Specifically, do you have any photos of memories like these? We’re looking for any photos of you from the past - before the year 2000 - with an identifiable Cadbury product in the shot.

"We’d love to feature them in our big 200th anniversary advertising campaign this year. If yours is selected, you’ll receive £1000 as a thank you from us."

The campaign comes as the brand is doing numerous things to help celebrate its 200th anniversary, including bringing back seven iconic chocolate bars.

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Cadbury is bringing back retro wrapper designs on its famous dark milk bar this year to mark the occasion, so if you spot a Dairy Milk bar that looks like it’s from 1915 in the coming weeks, that's why.

They’ll also feature artwork on the inside commemorating memorable events from the past 200 years, according to Cadbury’s brand manager, Bryony Tate.

"We’re really looking forward to celebrating 200 years of Cadbury belonging to our nation this year,” she said.

“We hope that the launch of our limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar packaging will bring a smile to people’s faces, with the seven retro designs offering something for everyone.”

Terms and conditions:

  • You can tell Cadbury the story behind the photo.
  • You must have everyone's permission in the photo to share it though and be over 18.

Those who want to get involved should head to the Cadbury website and then upload their photo