Morrisons has teamed up with Warburtons to give away free crumpets to customers during the holidays and all they have to do is mention three simple words.

Warburtons, in partnership with Morrisons, has launched its latest 'Ask for Ellen' campaign in stores across the UK.

The aim is to help support families during the holidays.

How to claim your free crumpets at Morrisons

To claim your free crumpets all you have to do is "Ask for Ellen" at any Morrisons cafe. It's that simple. 

You will then receive a portion of two standard crumpets, with butter and jam for free, no questions asked.

The offer is available all day, every day and will run from March 25 until April 14.

Find your nearest Morrisons

For those looking to head out and take advantage of this offer, you may be wondering where your nearest Morrisons cafe is.

To find your nearest store head to the Morrisons website.

Who is Ellen?

Warburtons explains the offer is based off its founder - Ellen Warburton. 


The Warburtons website says: "Supporting families is as important to us today as it was to our founder, Ellen Warburton, when she first started baking back in 1876.

"Ellen’s first batch of four loaves of bread and six cakes sold out in under an hour.

"Within two weeks, the tiny shop in Bolton was renamed ‘Warburtons the Bakers’ and continued to go from strength to strength ever since.

"All those years on and Warburtons is now the largest bakery business in the country but still remains a private family-owned business, actively managed by the fifth generation, Jonathan, Ross and Brett."