The Grand Final of the 2024 reboot of Gladiators aired tonight (Saturday, March 31) and many viewers made the same complaint about one of the games.

A number of fans shared similar opinions about the Gauntlet, saying it wasn't difficult enough for the contenders.

Gauntlet sees the contenders try to pass four gladiators in a narrow path who are using ram-rods and power-pads to try and prevent them from getting past.

Additionally, there is a time limit of 20 seconds for the contenders to get past them, but in both the Women's and Men's final each contender made it through without too much trouble.

Gladiators fans complain about Gauntlet being too easy

A number of fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to complain about Gauntlet being too easy for contenders,

One person wrote: "I mean, I wouldn’t like to do Gauntlet myself, but does anyone not make it through?! #Gladiators."

Another shared: "Yeah, Gauntlet DEFINITELY needs to be harder next season… #Gladiators".

Meanwhile, one posted: "Get rid of the gauntlet from #Gladiators absolutely the worst event. Run it in 2 seconds or 19 you score the same!?"

One suggested a change to make it harder for the next series, writing: "Gauntlet is too easy. Needs to be changed next series - make it shorter in time #Gladiators".

Who are the new Gladiators?

There are 16 new Gladiators on the BBC reboot that contenders must deal with.

The new Gladiators are:

  • Apollo (Alex Gray)
  • Athena (Karenjeet Kaur Bains)
  • Bionic (Matty Campbell)
  • Comet (Ella-Mae Rayner)
  • Diamond (Livi Sheldon)
  • Dynamite (Emily Steel)
  • Electro (Jade Packer)

Recommended Reading:

  • Fire (Montell Douglas)
  • Fury (Jodie Ounsley)
  • Giant (Jamie Christian Johal)
  • Legend (Matt Morsia)
  • Nitro (Harry Aikines-Aryeetey)
  • Phantom (Toby Olubi)
  • Sabre (Sheli McCo)
  • Steel (Zack George)
  • Viper (Quang Luong)

The three new referees for the series are Sonia Mkoloma, Lee Phillips and ex-Premier League football referee Mark Clattenburg.