Have you got some rare and potentially valuable coins lying around? You might just be sitting on a fortune.

Knowing the true value of your coins can be difficult with the naked eye so you might have better luck asking someone in the know how much they think the coins are worth.

While it’s possible coins you think could earn you a huge sum won’t, it’s worth a try.

Here’s how you can get your old coins valued by the Royal Mint.

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How to get your old coins valued

The Royal Mint urges anyone with coins of an unknown value to call on their expert team.

The website explains: “To gain a full appreciation of the coins in your collection, or owned by your family, contact our experts.

“From an identification made from an image you email to us, to a full report with certification, we have a service to answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity.

“Our Authentication and Valuation service is only available for pre-decimal British coins (those struck before 1971).”

You can find out more about the process via the Royal Mint website.

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If you’d like to use the authentication and valuation process, all you need to do is complete an online form and then a member of the Royal Mint team will get in touch with you via email “to advise on the next steps and take payment.”

You can ask the team about your coin via email and attach a picture of your coin. Then a team member will call you to discuss it.

The email you should use is collectorservices@royalmint.com.