In With a Shout has returned for a second series on ITV where contestants must shout the answers at the screens to win prize money.

Joel Dommett is back once again to host the show where families battle against one another to win £20,000 by correctly identifying the answers from a montage of clips in a matter of seconds.

In the episode that aired tonight (Saturday, May 4) the Bhambras from Bradford and the Pohls from Rugby went up against each other.

The Bhambras did well but lost out in the head-to-head round, with the Pohls securing their spot to face the final round and potentially take home some money.

However, viewers were not happy with how the head-to-head round works, saying it negates all that came before it.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), one person wrote: "the head-to-head completely negating the first 40 minutes of the show in a blatant attempt to push the team they want to the end… this awful show #InWithAShout".

Another said: "Head to head is very unfair, the other family deserved to win for their efforts by far #inwithashout".

Meanwhile, another wrote: "#inwithashout the head to head is stupid. That's all i have to say."

Joel Dommett thinks he would be terrible at playing In With a Shout

As reported by What To Watch, Joel Dommett reckons he wouldn't fare very well if he actually had to play In With A a Shout.

He said: "I’ve learned that, while I love quiz shows, I’m terrible at playing them! I was on The Chase and won NO money! I'm not very good with time pressure, so I’d be terrible at this game. 

"It’s like on The Masked Singer, I'm terrible at judging and terrible at guessing who’s behind the mask. So I'm so glad I'm the guy who just reads the autocue!"

Before the first series aired Dommett gushed about his love of quiz shows, saying: "I’m obsessed with quiz shows, so hosting this is a dream come true.

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"Growing up, I loved Challenge TV and I’d watch all of those old school game shows of the 1980s and 1990s, fronted by Sir Bruce Forsyth and Michael Barrymore, but I never saw myself hosting one.

"It’s been great fun helping plan the gameplay — I think we’ve got something viewers will love."

In With a Shout airs on Saturday evenings on ITV1 and ITVX.