It’s that time of year again when weeds take over our gardens, now the warm weather is helping them thrive.

Sometimes it can feel like they take over, no matter how much time we spend pulling them from in between our patio or in the middle of flower beds.

But if you’re struggling to keep on top of weeds in your outdoor spaces, you might want to try this cheap hack that could help get rid of them for 80p per litre.

Even better, the ingredients you need can be found at almost any supermarket and can be made at home.

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How to kill weeds fast with cheap hack

To make this weed killer, you will need a few household items such as distilled vinegar (35p from Tesco), cooking salt (40p from Ocado) and washing-up liquid (55p from Asda), according to The Plastic Centre’s method.

According to The Express, the experts said: “Armed with the right tips, you can tackle those pesky weeds in a way that’s both effective and eco-friendly.”

They added: “Of course, you’ll need a pressurised sprayer for proper application. This recipe is wonderfully scalable.”

To make a small batch of the simple weed killer, mix 500ml of vinegar with 30ml of cooking salt and a tablespoon of washing-up liquid.

The Bolton News: Does your garden currently have a lot of weeds?Does your garden currently have a lot of weeds? (Image: Getty)

Make sure you put the vinegar into the pressurised sprayer first and then add the other products.

It’s recommended that keen gardeners give the solution a “good shake” to ensure everything has mixed well.

The Plastic Centre also advised: “The best time to deploy this solution is on a hot and dry day to maximise its effectiveness.

“Once applied, the weeds should begin to wilt within 24 hours and be completely dried out within 48 hours.

“This simple, quick-acting formula not only keeps your garden looking pristine but also sidesteps the environmental and financial costs associated with commercial weed killers.”

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If you’re wondering how the weed killer works, the high acidic content of vinegar helps to target stubborn weeds, while the cooking salt dehydrates them.

It’s important to note you should never use this homemade mixture on weeds located close to plants or on the lawn as this could kill them too.

After all, we are known to spend a lot of money on our gardens (especially in spring and summer) and the last thing you want is all your hard work and money being wasted.