A WOMAN put a TV on top of the box containing her boyfriend’s body and used it as a sideboard, a court heard.

Karen Otmani, 42, also considered leaving the body to rot in her bedroom and then grinding the bones into a dust she would sprinkle around the country, it is claimed.

She strangled Shaun Corey, 42, after she found he had been cheating on her and left the body in wheelie bin in her bedroom, the court heard.

Otmani demonstrated to Keith Jones, another boyfriend, how she had strangled Mr Corey with a plastic bag and showed him the body.

She got him to sniff around her bedroom to see if he could get a whiff of the decomposing corpse, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Jones told the court: “She asked me to bury the crate under my shed as she knew I was building a shed.

“I told her: ‘Build your own shed’.”

Otmani had met Mr Jones through a dating website but was also seeing Mr Corey, the father of her baby son.

She used Mr Jones to borrow money even though they only had sex on one occasion, the court heard.

Otmani told Mr Jones that Mr Corey was blackmailing her and said she wanted to get rid of him.

Otmani suggested drugging Mr Corey and even gave Mr Jones a blue liquid and asked him to take some to see if it knocked him out.

“He did not take the drug and put it on the top of his cupboard, but then Otmani began discussing murder.

“From knocking him out it went to her starting to talk about killing him,” he told the jury.

Four days after the killing she told him to come to the maisonette in Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, southeast London.

“She asked me if I could smell anything. I could smell a slight musty smell. She told me she had recently been flooded,” Mr Jones said.

“She asked me to come around to the bed and asked if I could smell anything more.

“There were two boxes, covered over. The bottom box had a lump inside of it.

“She was telling me: '’He's in the bottom box’.”

“She had the telly on it to make it look like it was a sideboard sort of thing.

“She told me her plan was originally to just leave the body rotting in the crate.

“When it was just bones there she was going to grind up the bones in a grinder and sprinkle it all around the country.

“She was calm. She was always calm.”

Otmani and Beddoe, 60, of Revelon Road, Brockley both deny murder.

Beddoe further denies assisting Otmani to hide the body.

The court has heard Otmani admits that she killed Mr Corey but will claim she was suffering from “battered woman syndrome”.

The trial continues.