POLICE are carrying out a monthly road watch programme on a ‘notoriously dangerous’ route after receiving complaints from a school, residents and councillors.

Burnley Road running between Weir and Bacup has become known as an accident blackspot after several drivers and pedestrians have died or suffered serious injuries in crashes along the stretch in recent years.

Most recently, a driver was taken to hospital with chest injuries following a collision at the junction with Plantation View on May 14.

In April, a 45-year-old man was left fighting for his life after his car crashed into a wall then hit a parked car and a van on the road.

Officers from Rossendale Neighbourhood Policing Team positioned on the road near Northern Primary School for two hours this week monitored 670 vehicles travelling on the road.

Two of the motorists were caught speeding, and three drivers were not wearing seatbelts.

PCSO Chris Hamer, of Rossendale Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “It doesn’t sound like many but there would be a lot more if we weren’t stood there.

“We’ve had a lot of complaints from the school, parents, residents and councillors who are concerned, and we can understand why with the number of crashes on the road.

“Speeding is illegal and dangerous.

“The main problem is when people come from the 50mph and 40mph zones and into the 30mph one.

“The roads are very narrow, and there is a sharp bend.”

Jane Simpson, headteacher of Northern Primary School, said: “Any help we get is much appreciated, but we would like something more permanent putting in place.”

Ward Coun Jimmy Eaton said: “I’m very glad the police have started to respond to the speeding problem in the area.

“I would like the speed limit bringing down to 20mph, not only for the school, but for the residents in the village.

“Crashes happen at all times of the day and night and we could do with more traffic calming measures there.”

Matthew Hargreaves, Lancashire County Council senior traffic engineer for Rossendale, said: "We're working with the police to respond to people's concerns about speeding on Burnley Road and have installed a permanent interactive sign, as well as a site for one of the mobile signs which we circulate between locations.”