AN investigation is underway into three ‘deliberate’ fires which destroyed two allotments buildings and damaged swings.

Firefighters attended the incidents which took place at the top of Peel Park Avenue in Accrington at around 6am on Saturday.

Two allotment outbuildings were destroyed in the blaze, which was believed to have been started deliberately.

Firefighters were at the scene tackling the flames and dampening down for around two hours.

Hyndburn fire station watch manager, Emma Price, said: “We are called to deal with ashed fire at the allotments.

“It was well ablaze by the time we got there.

“Investigations into the cause are under way but we believe it could have been started deliberately.

“While we were dealing with this outbuilding fire a retained crew under watch manager Gareth Drinkwater was dealing with a fire at one or two other building nearby.”

The swings at Peel Park also suffered damage in the incident.

Firefighters used hose reels to extinguish the blazes and police have been contacted to help with the investigation.

Cllr Bernard Dawson, who represents the area on Hyndburn Council, said: “A lot of money has been spent on the allotment site.

“Not only that but a lot of residents spend a lot of their own time and money doing it up.

“It’s a very well used area, and so is the play park up there, so the fact this has happened is very disappointing.”

Cllr Ken Moss, cabinet member for parks, warned about the financial effects of such incidents.

He said: “Obviously with any sort of damage to council buildings and parks the money to repair it will have to come out of the council budget.

“It’s going to put a strain on budgets to get this repaired even with insurance.”

Eyewitnesses reported they saw a group of youths near the site at around 5.30am.

Any one has any information or CCTV footage of the incidents should contact the police on 101.

Hyndburn Mayor Cllr Peter Britcliffe said: “It’s absolutely dreadful. It’s really sad to hear, there is so much good in this area but then you have people who will go and do things like this.”