THE future remains unclear for a town centre library building.

Wigan Council said a decision has not been made on what will happen to Atherton's York Street library building once a new facility opens later this year

The old Atherton Town Hall building on Bolton Road is in the process of being refurbished and turned into a Life Centre which will provide health, employment and customer services to residents.

It is due to open in September.

Atherton councillor Stuart Gerrard said: “We cannot allow more of our history to be bulldozed.

“These buildings are ripe for investment and to used as youth and enterprise zones.

“We must keep them from being demolished.

“A lot of residents also think that there will not be enough space for the new library in the new building compared to what they used to have in the past.”

The Life Centre will include a children’s library, a cafe and community rooms.

Office space will be installed at the property as well.

Penny McGinty, assistant director for corporate contracts and assets at the council, said: “The windows will have the Atherton crest in the windows image which will provide the premises with a sleek modern outlook, but will also compliment the traditional features, red brick and terracotta facades.

“We will be retaining traditional features such as the stained glass windows to ensure the old and the new work in harmony.

“The doors will be automated to ensure the building is accessible for all residents including people with physical disabilities, those who are partially sighted and for people with dementia.

“The white doors will contrast with the red facade and be easily identifiable to someone with dementia or who is partially sighted.”