Two women and three men who sexually exploited women and forced some to work as slaves have been jailed.

Julius Rigo, 37, Darina Rigová, 32, Karel Adam, 48, Josef Rigo, 33, and Blanka Sarkoziova, 42, were all jailed in the Czech Republic today for the offences committed in Gorton and Levenshulme between 2012 and 2016.

The five were sentenced following a joint investigation by the Czech National Organised Crime Agency and the Modern Slavery Coordination Unit at GMP.

Over a period of four years, Julius Rigo forced 13 men and women in to labour and sexual exploitation against their will.

He targeted vulnerable residents from Most in the Czech Republic- enticing them with the offer of well paid work in the UK.

Once in Manchester, he took away all of their identity documents.

Rigo forced them to do various activities by threatening them or by using violence. While the women were often sexually exploited, the men were forced to work at car washes or restaurants in various parts of Manchester.

They all received practically no payment.

Detective Constable Christopher Nield, one of GMP’s dedicated Modern Slavery officers, said: “Today’s verdict is the result of a long and complex investigation by GMP officers and our partners.

“It is a great result of a collaborative working not only with authorities such as the Czech National Police, Europol, Eurojust and the Modern Slavery team in GMP but the wider partners and charities who have supported these vulnerable victims throughout.

“I hope this sends a clear message that we will not stand for modern slavery in Greater Manchester and our officers are absolutely committed to making sure that people who subject others to this horrific treatment are brought to justice.”  

At the County Court in Usti and Labem today, Julis Rigo received 18 years for human trafficking, rape, blackmail, threats to kill and bigamy.

Rigová and Adam were sentenced to nine and six years in prison respectively for human trafficking.

Sarkoziova received two years for controlling prostitution, suspended for three years, while Josef Rigo received 18 months for blackmail, suspended for two years.

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