A CHILD has been taken to hospital after an incident involving a large dog in Accrington

Eyewitnesses reported a large mastiff-type dog which was 'on the loose and terrifying people' on the playing fields off Hollins Lane this afternoon.

Inspector Black of Lancashire Police told the Lancashire Telegraph that a child had been knocked over by the animal as it had been bounding around.

The youngster suffered minor injuries, but was not bitten, and was taken for medical treatment, Insp Black added.

According to other eyewitnesses the dog has now been corralled and penned into a netball court by people on the playing fields.

A spokesperson for the police said: "We were called around 2.15pm on Saturday August 1 to reports of an out of control dog in Hollins Lane play park, Hollins Lane, Accrington.

"Officers attended and established the dog had jumped up towards two children causing minor injuries.

"Neither child was seriously injured or bitten.

"The dog’s owner was spoken with by police.

"The investigation has been passed to the dog liaison officer and enquiries are on-going."