A fun-loving extrovert, who was the 'life and soul of the party', died after combining drugs with too much alcohol.

Reece Shand, 24, was found on the sofa of his brother's girlfriend's house on September 6.

An inquest in Preston heard how on September 5 at around 9.20pm, Reece, of Powell Street, Darwen, had called his brother's girlfriend, Sara Hitchen, to ask if he could stay with her as he was drunk and had no money to get home.

Coroner James Newman told the inquest: "Sara picked him up and took him back to her house where he fell asleep on the sofa.

"At around 10.30pm, Sara's brother, Andy Wilson, arrived and they moved Reece to a larger sofa to make him more comfortable.

"They checked on him regularly until about 1am."

The following morning, Mr Wilson went to the shop to buy some milk, thinking Reece was still asleep.

On his return at around 11am, he tried to rouse Reece but he was cold.

Mr Newman said: "He called Sara and they phoned for the ambulance, with paramedics telling them to move him to the floor and commence CPR; however he did not wake."

A lemonade bottle half filled with vodka was found at the side of the sofa along with a bag containing morphine solution and diazepam.

It was heard that Reece had a history of overdose, and tests found fatal morphine levels in his blood as well as diazepam, and alcohol levels consistent with 'profound intoxication' which when combined could increase the risk of respiratory depression.

In a statement from Reece's brother, Ryan Shand, he said Reece was 'the life and soul of the party when in drink' and was 'outgoing on the outside but shy and introverted only to those close to him'.

Mr Shand's statement read: "He enjoyed making people smile and laugh.

"When he felt good he loved attention but when he felt low he lost confidence and lost energy.

"He confided in me about feeling depressed while we were drunk but would play it down the next day.

"He was self-destructive and would drink to excess and would sometimes go on benders but then would stay sober for months."

The Bolton News:

Mr Shand said he loved his brother and wanted him to be happy. He said they had shared so much growing up and he had a great way with people and could make them laugh only after meeting them for a short time.

Mr Newman said: "Reece was a fun-loving, extroverted young man, but had his demons.

"He'd had a number of overdoses in his history and there were reports of superficial self-harm.

"However, on September 5, he was so drunk that he decided to stay at a friend's house on Redlam in Blackburn.

"He was found unresponsive the following morning.

"He died as a result of combined drug and alcohol toxicity.

"There was no evidence to suggest that this was an attempt to take his life, so I return a drug and alcohol-related death conclusion."

Following Reece's death, a Go Fund me page was set up by Mr Wilson to help raise funds for his funeral.

It read: "Reece was a character of his own, an amazing, clever young man that left us far too soon.

"He always knew how to light a room and I'm not just talking about the overly highlighted hair.

"He always put everyone before himself despite what he was going through.

"We all have memories that will be cherished for a lifetime."