A COUNCIL has been given the green light to demolish the pavilions outside a market hall despite fears for a town centre's only wet fish stall.

Hyndburn borough's planning committee approved the proposal at its meeting this week.

Town hall officials had recommended the change to Accrington’s Market Hall despite eight objections.

But at the meeting Baxenden ward's Cllr Terry Hurn said the pavilions contained the town's only wet fish stall.

He said he did not want to lose it and asked whether and where it would be relocated.

Planning case officer David Morris said: "I do not know. That is a management decision.

"The general proposal is to move the existing stalls into the main market hall."

An officers’ report on the pavilions says: “The submitted scheme continues the improvements made to the areas in front of the Town Hall and Market Hall.

“It involves the removal of the two large market pavilions, to re-expose the side façade of the Market Hall. It would also recreate the historical Accrington Market Place.

“The new space is intended to be multi-purpose. The Market Place would be akin to a multi-purpose public square on which people park their cars, rather than a single function car park.”

The scheme will create 52 new parking spaces.

Objections include existing adequate parking nearby; losing outdoor market stalls would be a shame; a loss of revenue to the market; and a suggestion to create a wild garden, acorn trail, or sculpture area instead.