A ROW has broken out at luxury flats after double yellow lines were painted outside the development.

Local councillors say the yellow lines were brought in at the behest of residents at the Eagley Mills complex — but it appears not everyone living there is happy about the decision.

Matthew Moss, aged 24, only recently moved into Valley Mill, which is located within the regenerated Eagley Mills, with his girlfriend.

He says he was allocated one parking spot in the building’s car park, but because the couple have two cars, one of them would park on Threadfold Way which lies next to the flats.

He said: “This has never been a problem until the other day when I returned home from a 12-hour day, only to find that I could not park outside my home because the road now has double yellow lines — I feel like we are being penalised for having a household with two cars and two people who work for a living.”

Mr Moss said the move has now removed more than 30 parking spaces for tenants living in the mills.

The decision to bring in the yellow lines was implemented by the Bromley Cross Area Forum and has been done on an “experimental basis” with a review of the decision due in six months.

Cllr Norman Critchley said councillors were responding to concerns from other residents living in the flats.

He said: “We were approached by residents who were concerned because people were parking on both sides of Threadfold Way and there was a worry that emergency services vehicles couldn’t get through.

“It is a beautiful site and normally I am anti-yellow lines but when there is public safety at risk it is a different matter.”


Mr Moss’s father, Alan Moss, aged 58, described the move as “lunacy”.

He said: “It is a new-build regeneration area. How are they expecting to sell flats when they remove the parking for residents?”

“Now when I go to visit my son, we have to walk from Blackburn Road — it’s a long walk and one that could be dangerous in the winter period.”