A FURIOUS neighbour has called for urgent action after a bin of dog waste has been left unemptied outside her home for more than a week.

Gail Friars says she reported the problem bin in Brandwood Street, Daubhill, as soon as she discovered it on May 12.

Bolton Council claims there is no record of the issue being reported.

The 58-year-old said: “Obviously it was horrible to see the small bin full to the top with dog waste so I told the council about it straight away and I was told it would be marked up as an urgent job.”

But she said no one from the council came to clear it up so she reported it again on both the following Wednesday and Friday.

Mrs Friars added: “The weather is very warm and that hasn’t helped, flies are constantly around it and now unfortunately someone has knocked the bin over so it has spilled out.

“I don’t expect the normal bin men to come and pick it up but I would have thought something like dog waste would be a priority for the council.”

The Bolton News contacted Bolton Council, who said there was no record of Mrs Friars’ complaint.

But a spokesman said the matter would be dealt with.

He added: “I’m afraid we do not seem to have a record of this complaint. However, we have arranged for staff to remove the waste as soon as possible.”