A BOLTON MP praised the work of Fortalice and called for better provisions for refuge funding at the final session of Prime Ministers’ Questions of the year.

Chris Green MP also spoke about changes to supported housing funding in a Westminster Hall debate following a recent visit to Fortalice.

Refuges are currently paid for mainly from housing benefit. However, government proposals could see refuges instead funded from ring-fenced grants given to councils, but these would also have to cover a number of different housing demands.

Speaking at the PMQs session in the House of Commons on Wednesday, the Bolton West MP asked: “Will my right honourable Friend join me in praising the work of Fortalice, which has provided domestic abuse support in Bolton for 40 years?

“Will she consider under the current reforms the benefits of a new funding structure for domestic abuse refuges separate from the supported housing sector, so that refuges can continue to deliver their specialist support?”

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, responded: “I am very happy to join him in praising the work of Fortalice and services like it across the country.

“He mentions the reforms that we are putting in place.

“Indeed, that is because we feel that at the moment the system is not responsive to the needs of vulnerable women in local areas.

“That is why we want to put the funding in the hands of local authorities, but bring in new oversight to make sure we are delivering the right support for the right people.

“It is trying to ensure that we are focusing the support on those who need it and that the system is more responsive to the needs of vulnerable women.”