SIR David Crausby is calling on the Government to ban third-party sales of puppies and end puppy farming.

The campaigning MP is concerned that the number of people breeding or importing puppies for profit is on the rise and the best interests of the puppies are often far from the priority.

Breeders often separate new-born puppies from their mothers too early and don’t give them the necessary vaccinations. Families can take a puppy home without realising it is already very sick with worms, conjunctivitis or even the deadly parvovirus.

Illegally imported puppies can travel hundreds of miles alone in a small cage, which can often leave them with behavioural problems throughout their life.

The Bolton North East MP said: “I am extremely concerned by the growing trade in puppies by people who are more interested in making a profit than the health and welfare of the animals they sell.

“Many people take a puppy home which becomes extremely sick or even dies soon after.

“The current system is bad for dogs and those who buy them whilst breeders are raking it in.”

Sir David is one of 31 MPs to sign Early Day Motion 695 in support of Lucy’s Law, which would make it illegal to sell puppies unless the mother is present.

He added: “We clearly need strong regulation to end puppy farms here in the UK, and to stop traders illegally importing puppies from Eastern Europe.

“I think Lucy’s Law would be a positive step to achieve this.

“I hope that the Government will support this as it builds on their advice that purchasers should see puppies interacting with their mother in the place that they were born.”