TAXPAYERS in Greater Manchester are facing an increase in their council tax bill to pay for Andy Burnham’s office.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), headed up by GM Mayor Mr Burnham, will meet on Friday, January 26 to decide what the additional charge should be.

The mayoral precept will be in addition to the policing and fire precepts paid by Greater Manchester taxpayers.

A spokesman for GMCA said: “We are currently still in the process of looking at what the precept should be set at.

“There will be a report to the GMCA meeting next week and we should be outlining the proposals in the next few weeks.”

No figure for the mayoral precept has been decided by the authority but whatever figure is arrived at will be based on council banding.

Whatever the precept is set at will be paid by Band D which is the national average, however the Greater Manchester average is Band B, so most householders would pay a lower charge.

A spokesman for GMCA said once a figure is decided the authority would put out a table to make clear what people would pay.

The charge will be separate to the policing levy, which is already shown on council tax bills and will fund a range of GMCA activities including day-to-day administration.

The levy will also help pay for the transport strategy and setting out the revised Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

The mayoral precept is expected to raise around £3.9 million.