COUNCIL taxpayers could face a increase in their bill by more than £16 to pay for policing and Andy Burnham’s mayoral office.

The Greater Manchester mayor has confirmed plans to raise the police element of council tax by an average of £9.33 per year, in addition to a new average £7 mayoral precept — an overall precept rise of more than nine per cent.

Mr Burnham has pledged that the policing cash will being used to recruit 50 new neighbourhood police officers, maintain PCSO numbers, and improve the 101 service.

The mayor said: “The Government’s decision to cut Greater Manchester Police for the eighth year in a row, when the threat level remains high and crime is rising, means we have been left in a difficult position with no real choice but to ask our residents to fill the gap.

“And with this extra funding GMP will be asked to strengthen neighbourhood policing, ensure a strong police presence across GM and accelerate improvements in the 101 service.”

If agreed by the region’s council leaders, these charges will be added to local council tax bills when they are set by each of the 10 Greater Manchester councils.

The proposed mayoral precept will be £6 for Band A properties, £8 for Band C, and £9 for Band D. Band H households will face the highest charge, at £18.

Defending the introduction of the new mayoral precept, Mr Burnham added: “I’ve been working closely with the 10 leaders, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to put together a package of measures that keeps the council tax as low as possible but helps to support our communities in Greater Manchester. I recognise that it is a big ask for people to pay more, especially in these difficult times.

“But, at the same time, I am facing pressure from the public to go further and faster on tackling homelessness and congestion while protecting green spaces. I have tried to get the balance right, keeping bills down but also keeping Greater Manchester leading the way.”

The proposals will be discussed at Friday’s meeting of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, ahead of the final budget-setting meeting in February.

The fire service element of council tax will remain at just under £47 for the average property. If the proposals are accepted, the total precept for 2018/19 will be £189.18 for the Band B properties in Greater Manchester — compared to £172.85 for 2017/18, an increase of £16.33.