A FORMER MP is hoping it will be third time lucky as she tries once again to regain her seat in Parliament.

Julie Hilling has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the Bolton West constituency at the next General Election.

The 62-year-old held the seat for one term between 2010 and 2015, before losing it to Conservative Chris Green.

She said: “We will be ready for the next election whenever it comes and until then we will be campaigning in Bolton West and calling out the Tories and Chris Green over their policies that are detrimental to our communities.

“I am absolutely delighted and honoured that the party members have put their faith in me again.

“They know that I did a good job for Bolton West when I was the MP and there is still a lot of support in the community for me.

“Now we have to ensure we have a campaign that is properly resourced and that we aren’t out-spent by the Tories.

“I have a commitment from the party leadership that we will have the resources needed to win the seat back next time.”

Having first won the marginal constituency with a wafer-thin majority of just 92, Ms Hilling was defeated by 801 votes in 2015 and 936 at last year’s snap election.

However, proposed changes the constituency’s boundaries could act strongly in her favour. The Boundary Commission’s latest plans would bring the Labour stronghold of Halliwell into Bolton West, albeit there is doubt over whether the controversial proposals will be approved by sitting MPs in the House of Commons.

Ms Hilling added: “I did speak in support of the Boundary Commission’s plans. But whether or not they go ahead, we will win Bolton West for Labour at the next election.

“Although the changes would work in Labour’s favour here, overall they benefit the Tories.

“This comes at a time when the Government is increasing the size of the House of Lords and when every MP has a larger and larger constituency and the related casework that comes with that.”

The former youth worker launched a campaign to promote Emergency Life Skills during her time in Parliament and also campaigned on dangerous dogs.