A GREEK-influenced high street restaurant will be throwing open its doors next week.

The Kitchen in Market Street, Westhoughton, will be opening on Thursday, September 28, at a former dry cleaners.

The restaurant, which will serve 'modern comfort food' with a Greek influence, is the brainchild of Odysseas Hatzitzikas and Nicki Gillon, who live in Leigh Road.

Miss Gillon, aged 36, who has done much of the design work in the restaurant, said: "We are both very nervous but quite excited. We have already had many bookings, which is good.

"I am just so pleased with everything. I feel like it has all been quite fast. The last couple of months has made it all real.

"I just can not believe we have got this place. It is the perfect place so I am so glad we got it."

Mr Hatzitzikas, aged 29, has worked as a chef across Europe and recently gave a presentation on the restaurant at a Westhoughton Town Council meeting.

He said: "It will be comfort food with Greek influences on the menu. We are so excited to open this. We are almost ready and we have had so much positive feedback from everyone in Westhoughton.

"I will try to do the best I can. I have worked in England so I know what kind of menu you like.

"It will only be a tiny area and it would just be a modern restaurant with no takeaway."

The venture was praised by the town council and Cllr David Wilkinson said: "I have seen the pictures and I think it is a very interesting and different concept to what Westhoughton has had before.

"I think it will be different and again it would attract a different group of people who live in Westhoughton and outside.

"It will be a real addition to the culinary scene in Westhoughton.

"I know some people complain about what’s happening on Market Street but the world is changing.

"Retail habits have changed and some shops have gone forever. Food and beauty and all these kinds of things are now key drivers on most high streets.

"I do hope that the couple have the best of success."