AN MP has accused a developer of ‘being underhand’ after it applied for permission to use a residential road for heavy construction traffic.

Bolton West representative Chris Green has objected to Bellway Homes’ proposal to use Collingwood Way for vehicles during work on the 129-home Bowlands Hey development in Westhoughton.

Bellway was granted permission after a Government inspector overturned Bolton Council’s refusal of the plans earlier this year.

Mr Green said: “I object to the use of Collingwood Way as a route for construction vehicles to travel because of the very substantial level of disruption this will cause for local residents.

“It is almost unbelievable that Bellway Homes now want to use Collingwood Way for heavy construction traffic when they accepted that they could not when they got planning approval only a few weeks ago.

“Bellway Homes has to explain what has profoundly changed between then and now and this question over access clearly puts the entire project in doubt.

“We would want developers to have the highest standard of behaviour and ethics but where they fail to demonstrate these qualities Bolton Council cannot condone this behaviour so I call upon and expect the council to refuse this application.

“We can now see the approach Bellway Homes take to the planning process, which many would see as being underhand.

“I call on Bolton Council to recognise the values Bellway Homes bring to development and look negatively on future applications anywhere in the Bolton borough.”

The development was allowed by inspector Hayden Baugh-Jones in August following a public inquiry.

He said the proposal ‘would not result in harm’ to the highway network and made reference to the authority’s shortfall in its five-year housing land supply.

Residents were concerned the decision could ‘open the floodgates’ for future development proposals in Westhoughton,

Bellway Homes has been contacted for a comment.