A PROPOSED 38-home regeneration of a derelict mill site has been recommended for approval — but councillors want to see changes to the planned access.

The Wiggett Construction Group submitted plans to redevelop the old Perseverance Mill in Bolton Road, Westhoughton, and the application went before Westhoughton Town Council on Monday.

Members supported the development, as it was on a brownfield site and would ease the pressure on the green belt.

But they took issue with the proposed access, which would be via an existing entrance from Bolton Road, as they believed it would not be fit for purpose.

Cllr David Wilkinson said: "We have to face facts. This is a brownfield site so we can not do anything apart from planning permission.

"I know people don't like it, with more traffic, but this is a brownfield site when we have applications left, right and centre for greenfield.

"I have no problem with the development but I do think we should have a substantial upgrade of the access road to something that is capable of surviving. I think it needs to be a properly constructed road."

Cllr David Chadwick said: "This planning application is a brownfield site and they need to be first priority. We have to accept it.

"If you are going to build 38 homes then the developer has to foot the bill for a road that is up to standards, with appropriate street lighting.

"If you are a driver in that area going towards Manchester Road, you are going to have difficulties. There are a lot of big vehicles and it is difficult to see."

The council voted to recommend the plans for approval subject to providing an improved access road that was up to standard with street lighting.

Wiggett's plans involve the demolition of the remaining structures on the land and the construction of a new estate made up of two, three, and four-bedroom houses.

In a statement sent to Bolton Council, the developer said: “The previous mill buildings have been left derelict and approval for their demolition has since been granted.

“Any development of the land, if it properly responds to its setting, in essence a residential proposal such as this is the most ideal design response for this site whilst responding well the surrounding built environment.

“As such we believe our proposal is clearly suited to the context of the site and would make the most of a brownfield site within a sustainable location.”

It will be decided by Bolton Council's planning committee in the near future.