THIEVES have broken into a used car dealership and stolen a part worth hundreds of pounds to the business.

Trespassers reportedly jumped over the fence into the compound at Westhoughton Motor Company in Wingates on Wednesday night before taking a catalytic converter, worth between £350 and £400, from a Honda Accord.

And, according to the company's manager Gavin Henderson, the burglars cut the wires at the office building, cutting off the CCTV camera.

Mr Henderson said this was the second time an incident has taken place at the business since it opened at its base in Chorley Road in August.

Gavin Henderson, manager at Westhoughton Motor Company, said: "It was a catalytic converter from a Honda Accord worth around £750 and the converter costs anything between £350 and £400.

"If it was from one of our more expensive cars we might have still been able to sell it with a new converter.

"But with something like this, there is not much point because the car is so cheap."

Mr Henderson said he left the site at just after 6pm on Wednesday night.

They did not find out that anything had happened until they attempted to start the silver Honda.

He said the vehicle sounded 'a bit rough' so they looked at the exhaust to find the converter missing.

Workers at the site believe the thieves jumped over the fence at the south east end of the site, where the Honda is parked.

He said: "It is very frustrating. We are a new business and we are trying to make a head start. I just do not think these people realise how much it can affect people.

"For them it just a quick buck but for us and people in a similar situation, it is costing a whole livelihood."

Anyone who has any information should contact police by calling 101.

Alternatively, people can get in touch with charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by going to