THERE are fears that a proposal to expand a high street restaurant into a former bank could cause parking issues for residents.

Provenance Food Hall and Restaurant in Westhoughton announced plans last year to expand into the old Natwest building, located next door to its Market Street premises.

And the planning application went before town councillors at a meeting on Monday.

While members were supportive of the business, there were some concerns raised about the impact on people living in King Street.

Cllr David Wilkinson said: "I have no problem with Provenance expanding. But there are concerns from the residents of King Street.

"There are concerns about the planning application — one is the parking arrangements, where the developers make reference to King Street.

"Most people will be aware that it backs onto both sides of King Street. One side is not too bad but the other part, near the new Aldi will be, looks like The Somme.

"There is that much water on it because the drains are shattered. So most people park on the other side of King Street.

"There is a lot of aggro where diners do park and use residents' spaces. There are no resident-owned spaces but people coming home from work and finding they can not park."

He also said there could be a problem with the bins if they are left out in the street at the back of the Provenance building.

He said: "There are four bins at the back and sometimes there is material at the side of the bin on what is a very narrow street.

"The application builds the entire rearguard in. It means the bins will be out in the back street.

"I am quite happy for businesses to expand but sometimes you have to remember that people live next door to you.

"This is a big issue for those residents. This has to be dealt with somehow, not just leaving them in the back street."

The council voted to recommend the plans for approval but requested the developer takes note of the issues mentioned.