A TOWN clerk has been thanked for her work as she marks her 30th year of service.

Christine Morris joined Westhoughton Town Council as a deputy town clerk in 1988 before taking up the town clerk position.

And at Monday's meeting in the town hall, Cllr Ryan Battersby, deputy leader, made a speech thanking her for her work over the decades.

He said: "Tonight’s meeting is just another ordinary council meeting for most of us, the second meeting of 2018. But for one person here, this meeting marks a special anniversary of starting work with Westhoughton Town Council.

"In January 1988, Christine Morris, our friend and town clerk, successfully applied for the Deputy Town Clerk position, whilst working as a Borough Council Cashier, here in the town hall.

"Soon becoming Town Clerk in her own right, Christine unknowingly began a career of duty and responsibility, of support and guidance that would last over 30 years."

"Her knowledge of local government and council policies; her sense of civic pride and drive of the council’s aims and objectives, are all unquestionable.

"Through Christine, the town council has continued to flourish and deliver, from the awarding of thousands of pounds worth of grants, the recognition of quality council status, the annual Remembrance Day service and parade, which continues to draw more and more people year on year, to the well organised and poignant Pretoria Pit Centenary memorial statue and commemorations.

"There is a saying that behind every good man there stands a women, and it is more than evident on this pearl anniversary that behind every successful council is a dutiful town clerk.

"When I stood here five years ago to mark Christine’s 25th anniversary, I described how she is the oil to our cogs, making sure everything runs as it should. I am pleased that Christine continues to support us, and hope she will, for some time to come.

"On behalf of the members of the town council, can I say thank you Christine for your loyal and dutiful service over the past 30 years; for being a fountain of knowledge when we need information; for helping us to achieve our goals of working together for the greater benefit of Westhoughton, and for your unquestionable support and friendship, that so many councillors, both past and present, have come to rely on."

Cllr Battersby's words were echoed by members and leader Cllr Arthur Price presented Mrs Morris with a bunch of flowers.