A COUPLE from Westhoughton shared their big day with the royal couple.

Peter and Joanne Hulme were married on Saturday in Wigan as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in Windsor.

Mrs Hulme, née Mullett, joked: "They chose my day! I booked it two years ago!"

The couple, who live in Bridge Close, Chequerbent, had already planned their wedding and were going to name all their tables after Wetherspoons pubs from the home towns of their guests but the royal wedding gave them an even better idea.

Mrs Hulme said they changed it all to reflect the royal wedding, stocking up on flags, bunting and Harry and Meghan face masks for their guests.

The tables were all renamed after royal palaces and castles.

Mrs Hulme was thrilled with how the day had gone saying she "never wanted it to end".

She said: "It was amazing and the weather made it so much better it was fantastic. The guests loved the theme, they laughed their heads off, it was fab."

Despite all the frivolity Mrs Hulme was keen to catch a glimpse of the other wedding happening that day.

She said: "I kept running into my mum's room and checking if she'd arrived yet. As so as I saw her I cried, she looked amazing. She looked beautiful, I was so jealous!"

The pair met in the Wheatsheaf pub in Westhoughton seven years ago in January.

Mrs Hulme said: "I worked at British Homes Stores at the time. I'd had a late night at work and I'm there in my BHS uniform and name badge. I met him in the pub and he took me into town.

"We went to the Post Office Bar on the corner of Bradshawgate and we've never been apart since."

Mr Hulme proposed two years ago on Valentine's Day.

The wedding was held at Kilhey Court hotel in Chorley Road, Standish and Mr Hulme agreed they had had a "brilliant" day.

The pair were glad to have such a lovely day with their seven-month-old son Thomas Joseph, who had a special tuxedo-like outfit to wear and peacefully slept through most of it!

Thomas was born with a bowel defect and has had three operations so far to correct it. He is due to have two more this week.

The pair have not decided whether they are having a honeymoon yet with Mrs Hulme saying they had been so busy with everything else they had not even thought about it.